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12/14(Wed.) 10:15 -12:20 Opening Ceremony / Keynote Panel

Wed. Dec. 14

Opening Ceremony / Keynote Panel

Industry-Government-Academia Strategy for Global Leadership
Wed., Dec 14  10:15 - 12:20
East Hall 2, SuperTHEATER

Program Agenda

10:15 - 10:30

Opening Ceremony

10:30 - 12:20

Keynote Panel

Session Description

SEMICON Japan 2022 will revisit the opening keynote panel from 2020, where three visionaries – Mr. Amari, Prof. Gonokami and Mr. Higashi from government, academia and industry, respectively – discussed recommendations for Japan, especially for its semiconductor industry, under the theme of "Challenges of Building a Prosperous Digital Society." We are pleased to have the three of them back again, along with Dr. Gil of IBM Research and Mr. Koike from Rapidus, to discuss the progress and achievements of the past two years, as well as to hear about new challenges.


Akira Amari
Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party
Chairman, Headquarters for the Promotion of Economic Security, Policy Research Council, LDP
Chairman, Diet Members Caucus for the Promotion of Semiconductor Strategy(, LDP)
Terry Higashi
Chairman of the Executive Board, TIA
Chairman, Councils and Study Groups for Semiconductor and Device Industry Strategy
Chairman, Rapidus
Makoto Gonokami
Darío Gil
Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research
Atsuyoshi Koike
President and Representative Director


Kiyo Osato
Independent Financial Reporter